Régis Chesneau grew up listening to early 20th-century French music as Ravel, then became interested in neo-classical musicians like Igor Stravinsky and post-modernists like David Lang. It was by making short films during his secondary studies that he became a composer for the image. He also wrote for musicians such as Cyprien Katsaris. Pupil of Armando Ghidoni at the Conservatory of Music of Paris, he enriches his musical education by studying music and music at the University Paris-Sorbonne.

Collaborator of Davy Durand since his first film, he creates for his works singular compositions, at the best between the image and the sound. The music becomes a character in the film with its own character and its asperities. Increasingly oriented towards other genres; His music is at the frontiers of several styles, they are emulated by eclecticism and discovery.


Member of SACEM (Société des auteurs, compositeurs et éditeurs de musique) since 2005



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June 2015: Bungalow 74, The Impronymous

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