Teaser Stinky Dog

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Check out the super teaser of Stinky Dog a TV series of 52 episodes of 13 minutes by the french studio Folivari. I'm going to make the music!
Directed by Davy Durand and the duo Vincent Patar & Stéphane Aubier (Panique au village). It is adapted from the comics of Marc Boutavant and Colas Gutman published in L'école des Loisirs.
Co-produced with Dandelooo and Panique!, the series has the support of France Télévisions. It will be broadcast on a national public channel in a few years ...


Stinky Dog - English teaser from FOLIVARI PRO on Vimeo.

Bri-kà-brok at the Prototype Video Festival

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Bri-kà-brok is in the official selection of the Festival Prototype Video the March 17 to 19, 2016! It will be broadcasted on March 17, 2016 at 21 o'clock at the Centre des Halles animation / Le Marais (Forum des Halles, level -3).



Sync on the Film Festival Ciné Poème DVD

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The music of the short film, Le Papillon et la Libellule, has been synchronized to the beginning of the official generic DVD Film Poem Festival. I invite you to see and hear :)

Suivre Canopée sur Twitter: @reseau_canope #EACCanope

Histoire dans le noir (Story in the dark)

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The trailer of the short film is already well underway, it will be a few seconds to present the short film of Davy Durand, scheduled for 2017.

Pilote Histoire dans le noir

Article sur "Bri-kà-brok"

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We had a nice article on Les fous d'anim website, about the abstract short film Brikabrok
It motivates to do many projects still!

Capture d ecran 052215 044430 pm


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Here is the long awaited "Bri-ka-brok"! Congratulations to Davy for this beautiful short film made with the percussions!

New start for the short film Alphonse!

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Davy returns to the drawing board for the short film Alphonse. So, I have listened to all the music research since 2008! Yes, we are working on it for 7 years! Hopefully that will end next year.

Recherche Alphonse 2015


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Hello all,

The music of Brikabrok is done! It remains to make the film! I sent the final music to Davy that will make a lovely little animated film.

You'll see, it'll be fun!

For the movie page, click here!