EP Release!

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Hello all,
No more waiting, the EP Surimpression is available on all your favorite platforms!

Itu Goo Dee Ama Spotify link

Cover Surimpression

Bungalow 74

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I am pleased to announce that I will make music of Bungalow 74, an improvisational theater show of the theater company "The Impronymous". I say no more!

See you Wednesday, June 3 at 21:00 in L'Auguste Theatre, 6 Lamier impasse, 75011 Paris,

Metro 2: Philippe Auguste

Price: 10 euros

Booking online

Anna Fedorova

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Anna Fedorova is one of the world's premier young pianists. From an early age, she demonstrated an innate musical maturity and astounding technical abilities. Her international concert career took off while she was only a child, and audiences around the world were stunned by the depth and power of her musical expression. Critics have praised Anna's signature “sweet modesty and wild expression,” which rendered listeners “completely taken by surprise, compelled and astonished.”

Tri Nguyen

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Tri Nguyen is the only one concertist in the world to master both the piano and the zither, his concerts are unique moments when the classical repertoire is associated with melodies from the distant past of Vietnam. "I wanted to combine imperial ancestral melodies from Vietnam with Western compositions of a string quartet. "Tri Nguyen.

Laure Favre Kahn

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Laure Favre-Kahn is a real and recognized performer of Chopin; she recorded several CDs of this composer.
See and listen Laure Favre-Kahn behind her piano is a sensuality, temperament and talent lesson.
She interprets with real nuances, musicality, virtuosity, power and sensitivity that makes her one of the most endearing pianists of her generation.


Joe Hisaishi Gig

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For the 25th anniversary of Studio Ghibli (in 2008) a large symphonic concert was organized by the pianist and composer Joe Hisaishi to honor his collaboration with the famous musician filmmaker Hayao Miyazaki animation. The evening was spent at Budokan in Tokyo, spreading grandiose ways: two hundred musicians from New Japan Philharmonic World Dream Orchestra, a chorus of 800 singers, but also high school students, and a few soloists, who for nearly two hours will follow up the themes headlights filmography two men on a giant screen placed behind the orchestra.

Film Concerts L'Amour Horloger

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The film concert L'Amour Horloger took place Friday, December 13, 2013 at Ligéria Hall at Sainte-Luce sur Loire.

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